Jupiter Imagery.

My primary interest as a Planetary observer is High resolution imaging of Jupiter and Saturn. In this section you'll find images and observations of Jupiter from 1999 to present day. Its easy to see looking from year to year how fast the weather systems of Jupiter change - some remaining present for long periods such as the Great Red Spot, while other lasting a few weeks or days. I think it is these very reasons that Jupiter is such a fascinating world to study, and an area where the amateur observer can really contribute to out better understanding of the Atmospheric processes that occur there.

Jupiter in 1998.

Jupiter in 1999-2000.

Jupiter in 2000-2001

Jupiter in 2001-2002

Jupiter in 2002-2003

Jupiter in 2003-2004

Jupiter in 2004-2005

Jupiter in 2006

Jupiter in 2007

Jupiter in 2008 (UK based only.)

Jupiter in 2009

Jupiter in 2010-11

Jupiter in 2010 - Barbados data re-worked

Jupiter in 2011-12

Jupiter in 2012-13

Jupiter in 2013-14

Jupiter in 2014-15

Jupiter in 2015-16

Jupiter in 2017

Jupiter in 2018

Jupiter in 2019

Jupiter in 2020

Jupiter in 2021

Moons, Projection Maps & Animations.


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