Lunar Imagery in 2010

By Damian Peach.

This gallery displays Lunar Imagery obtained during 2010.


Fabricius & Metius. 2010/09/25. 05:37 UTC. C14& PGR Flea3.

Furnerius approaching sunset. 2010/09/25. 05:34 UTC. C14 & PGR Flea3. 

Aristoteles at low sun. Under fair seeing, one of the most spectacular craters in the northern region of the Moon forming a well known pair with the Eudoxus crater to the south.  2010/01/26. C14 & SKYnyx 2.0M.

Blancanus and surroundings. One of the more prominent craters in the southern highlands of the Moon, this prominent crater lays just to the south of the huge Clavius walled plain. 2010/01/26. C14 & SKYnyx 2.0M.

Copernicus. This spectacular impact crater is one of the most prominent and famous on the lunar surface. Note the hummocky hills and small craterlets across the crater floor. It was formed around 800 million years ago.  2010/01/26. C14 & SKYnyx 2.0M.


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