La Palma visit - July/August 2020

Despite the global Covid pandemic i managed an overseas trip to the island of La Palma in 2020 for some observing. I stayed with a friend on the island and we spent a week observing and imaging the planets (as well as visiting some excellent restaurants!) Generally weather was good throughout the period, and i also managed to observe and image from the dark pristine skies at high altitude which are to be found on the island.

Standing alongside the 50cm Cassegrain with 76cm RC off to the left. We enjoyed some especially find views of Mars with this instrument.

Collimating the 50cm Cassegrain in a bright twilight sky ready for a nights observing.

Sunrise from around 800m altitude. The low altitude inversion layer can be seen. The view is across La Manchas on the western side of the island.

Jupiter and Saturn alongside the centre of the Milkway. Taken from high altitude on a perfect clear night. Antares can be seen toward the horizon.




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