Amateur Organisations.

Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO)

Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers of Japan (ALPO Japan)

British Astronomical Association

British Astronomical Association Jupiter Section

British Astronomical Association Saturn Section

Astronomy Ireland

Society for Popular Astronomy

Marswatch 1999

International Marswatch 2003.

Communications in Mars Observations (CMO)




UNISYS Pressure Forecast

DSRS World Satellite Imagery

200mb Jetstream Forecast - Northern Hemisphere


Other Interesting Amateur Astronomy webpages.

Hans - Joerg Mettig's JUPOS webpage - Analysis of Jovian drift rates and longitudes using the JUPOS program.

David Tyler - Images of the Sun, Moon and Planets from just down the road from me!.

Martin Mobberley - Images from Suffolk, UK using a 35cm SCT + Paramount ME. Also a 30cm LX200.

NEW!  Jamie Cooper - Images of the Moon and Planets using a variety of equipment as well as excellent nature, aircraft and portrait photography.

Tan Wei Leong's Planetary Images - Images of the Planets from Singapore using a 10" Mewlon Cassegrain & Webcam.

Eric Ng's Planetary images - Images from Hong Kong using 10" and 12.5" Newtonian's & webcam.

Antonio Cidadao's Lunar and Planetary Imaging - Multispectral imaging from Portugal using a 10" Meade SCT & FLI/ST-5 cameras.

Ed Grafton - Images from Houston, TX, USA using a Celestron 14" SCT & ST-5c camera.

Dr. P. Clay Sherrod (ASO) - Images from Arkansas, USA using 12" and 16" Meade SCTs & webcam.

Maple Ridge Observatory (Images by Brian Colville) - Multi-spectral imaging from Ontario, Canada.

Jesus R. Sanchez - Images from Cordoba, Spain.

Christophe Pellier - Images from France using an 18cm Newtonian and also 35cm SCT.

Thierry Legault's High Resolution Imaging - Images from France using a 12" Meade SCT a various cameras.

Christopher Go's Planetary Images - Images using a 20cm SCT from Cebu, Phillipenes frequently under excellent seeing conditions.

Registax Processing Software - The most popular webcam image processing software.


Professional Organisations.

International Outer Planets Watch (IOPW)

Pic Du Midi Observatory

Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands

Hubble Space Telescope

Galileo Spacecraft

Cassini Spacecraft



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